Who We Are
Founded in 2022, Furio Magazine is an independent music brand dedicated to alternative artists of the 1980s and their modern-day successors.

What We Do
We bring you the most exciting music news around the genres of Post-Punk, New Wave, Synth-Pop, Shoegaze and Goth. Our passion lies in creating high-quality digital content ranging from written articles, curated playlists and podcasts to exclusive video formats such as interviews, artist portraits or live sessions. In doing so, we serve an international audience of music fans across all generations, cultures and backgrounds.

Our Mission
1. To provide music fans all over the world with high-quality, in-depth content around the bands and artists they are passionate about.
2. To give arising artists of the above-mentioned genres a place to be heard and to support them on all levels of their career.

Our Story
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