The Sisters Of Mercy Live In London (1985)

This is the legendary gig commonly known as Wake, recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 18th June 1985 – the final concert by the lineup that included Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams, who then went on to form The Mission. Following the release of First and Last and Always, Gary Marx split from the band in the middle of a supporting tour, citing the inability to continue working together with frontman Andrew Eldritch. Nevertheless, the band completed the tour as a three-piece act and gave an astonishing performance.

An exceptional farewell to the original iteration of the Sisters amid sweat streaks, strobe lights and dense fog machine clouds. They perform all the hits you would expect from the initial lineup, including an otherworldly rendition of “Emma” as well as a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Enjoy!

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