Underrated Tracks: The Bolshoi – Away

The British band The Bolshoi flirted with gothic rock without succumbing to the genre’s limitations. The group formed in 1984 after Trevor Tanner (Vocals, Guitar) and Jan Kalicki (Drums) hitchhiked to Woolwich, England, to find stardom. With the addition of bassist Nick Chown, The Bolshoi opened up for bands such as The Cult, The Lords of the New Church, Wall of Voodoo, and The March Violets.

The 1986′ released “Away” turned out as one of the finest pieces of their career. A tale of smalltown lives, teenage pregnancy and casual cruelties. Disguised as a gothic rock anthem, the track had all the style and swagger of a “She Sells Sanctuary” or “Wasteland”, but delivered with a bit more substance and class.