Track Of The Week: The House Of Love – Shine On

The post-Smiths guitar pop of The House of Love was popular for a short time in the late ’80s and early ’90s, as many college and alternative rock fans became converts to their mixture of shiny ringing guitars, pseudo-psychedelic melodies, and bursts of noise. In Guy Chadwick’s often brilliant way with a tune and fantastic lead guitarist Terry Bickers, The House Of Love were hotly tipped as the next big thing in indiedom, but somehow the sales just never came through. Which is a shame, as they made some truly great music.

“Shine On” still stands as one of their best tracks – all layered guitars, a ringing lead riff combined with a simple, catchy chorus. They later skipped out on Creation for Fontana and had a minor hit with a re-recorded version of this song, but nothing ever could beat the original.