Underrated Tracks: The Lotus Eaters – It Hurts

Liverpool, England’s The Lotus Eaters were mistakenly included in the New Romantic movement when they first appeared. Although Peter Coyle (Vocals), Jeremy Kelly (Guitar), Mike Dempsey (Bass), and Stephen Creese (Drums) had the elegant attire and fashionable haircuts of New Romantic bands, their music was more understated and folksy than the synthesized Euro-Disco of Japan, Visage or Duran Duran. 

One of the first post-punk bands to incorporate the use of acoustic instrumentation into their sound, The Lotus Eaters were the creators of well crafted, quality melodic pop which harks back to a bygone age when naive charm was all and melody reigned supreme. The band only witnessed a brief flicker of fame with their first single “The First Picture of You”, which sold more than 100,000 copies in England. However, when the group released their debut LP, No Sense of Sin, a year later, many of their fans had already become disinterested.

Coyle’s anguished singing on the Lotus Eaters’ 1985 single, “It Hurts”, unveiled his maturing vocal style, evolving from an adolescent romantic longing to a harrowed croon. Unfortunately, “It Hurts” was again received with indifference and the band quit recording.¬†Besides the sadly a bit too short 7″ version below, there also exists a six-minute 12″ version with the extended title “There Must Be A Taste Of Murder In It”. Either way, another haunting eighties masterpiece.