Darkwave Duo Vague Lanes Announces Debut Record

The Bay Area band’s debut Foundation And Divergence is about to be released on Christmas Eve this year.

Vague Lanes is a darkwave duo from the San Francisco Bay Area island city of Alameda with a gothic disposition. The band consists of Bay Area music scene veterans Mike Cadoo (Gridlock, Bitcrush) and Badger McInnes (Here We Burn, After the Apex). They favor driving drum machines and propulsive synth ornamentation as a backbone for their dual bass guitar amalgam.

The mere fact that the band consists of just two bassists becomes incredulous when one learns that both are left-handed. A unique, maybe even one-of-a-kind distinction. However, Vague Lanes are no novelty. The duo’s classic post-punk ideology, while adding modern detail, results in a dark, sometimes forked tongue underbelly, which contrasts with light melodicism to create Vague Lane’s nostalgic take on modern post-punk.

Recently, the band has completed their debut album, titled Foundation And Divergence. The album is driven by a gritty drum machine attack in which the duo juxtaposes round melodic 6-string bass, coldwave synth swathes, and driving chorused post-punk 4-string bass work. Lyrically and vocally, the band sheds abstract light on darker, more melancholic subjects such as dementia, alcoholism, depression, and the controversies surrounding Catholicism. Foundation And Divergence is currently available to preorder on compact disc from Switzerland-based indie label Swiss Dark Nights and is scheduled for official release in late December.

Vague Lanes (US)

Featured Image by Vague Lanes

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