Zack Zack Zack Album 2.5

Viennese Darkwave Duo Zack Zack Zack Presents Their Remix Collection Album 2.5

On their new release, the duo brought together nine artists from the darkwave & post-punk scene to re-imagine their songs.

Zack Zack Zack comprises Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas. Both originally hail from Izmir, Turkey, but currently residing in Vienna, Austria, they enjoy experimenting and surprising audiences with innovative sounds, transcending boundaries and labels. Their name serves as an artistic manifesto – a play on words referring to the political scandal in Austria (the “Ibiza Affair”) of May 2019, which revealed the dirty face of politics and led to the downfall of the government. This was the time when they began playing. In a previous video interview with Furio Magazine, the duo told us in more detail how the project started initially.

With their debut album, Album 1, and its unique blend of darkwave and post-punk, the dynamic duo shook up the Austrian music scene in 2021. Their very first music video for the song “Bütün” immediately caught international attention. This was followed by performances all across Europe.

In 2023, their second album, simply titled Album 2, was released on the internationally well-connected Austrian label Trost Records, building upon their debut by combining modern synth sounds with retro vibes and exotic oriental instruments.

Today marks the release of their latest record, Album 2.5, featuring 9 remixes of their own tracks crafted by influential acts and emerging artists of the current darkwave and post-punk scene. This includes acts such as Shad Shadows, Fiasko Leitmotiv, The Solo Ansamblis, Emmon, Infecticide,  Oberst Panizza, Hidden Lines, Majestoluxe, and Schlusslicht.

The digital version of Zack Zack Zack’s Album 2.5 is out now on all platforms. The physical album can be pre-ordered on either vinyl, CD or cassette here.

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Featured Image by Ergin Türk

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