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Dancing Plague Presents Pulsating Video To New Single “Shadow Self”

The track marks the third single from Dancing Plague’s upcoming album Elogium, out on March 22, 2024.

The third single of Portland-based act Dancing Plague’s upcoming album Elogium is titled “Shadow Self” and arrives accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by Robbie Racine. Set against the backdrop of a white tile surrounding bathed in neon light, the video captures the essence of the track’s pulsating energy, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing dance of shadows and light.

Helmed by Conor Knowles, Dancing Plague has long been a beacon in the dark and cold electronic music scene. Since its inception in 2016, Knowles’ solo project has consistently delivered a diverse array of independent releases across various formats, from vinyl LPs to tapes and CDs. With a sonic palette steeped in influences ranging from EBM to goth, industrial, and synth, Dancing Plague has carved out a niche as a purveyor of hauntingly evocative soundscapes.

Elogium, the fifth studio album from Dancing Plague, sees the project further refining and expanding its distinctive sound. Thematically, the album delves into realms of loss, regret, rebirth, and growth, weaving these motifs seamlessly into a tapestry of throbbing basslines, rave synths, and pounding drums.

Previously released singles include the tracks “Fading Forms” and “Echoes Of The Void”, in which Knowles perfectly demonstrated a deft touch in balancing aggressive electronic textures with infectious pop hooks, ensuring accessibility without compromising on the raw intensity that defines the genre.

Elogium is slated for release on March 22, 2024, via Bologna-based label Avant! Records. Limited editions include a black vinyl LP (limited to 250 copies) and a yellow-orange vinyl LP (limited to 250 copies), along with a 4-panel digipak CD (limited to 200 copies), all available here.

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