Psycho Weazel Releases New Mains D’Argile EP Alongside Surrealist,Nostalgic Video

The Swiss duo’s newest EP is a retrofuturistic electronic spectacle, that blends indie-dance, cold wave, and EBM.

Swiss duo Psycho Weazel returns to the spotlight with their latest EP, Mains d’argile, a mesmerizing journey through new wave, indie dance, italo disco, and house. Released on Iptamenos Discos, the EP boasts collaborations with renowned artists such as Curses and Local Suicide, along with remixes by Marvin & Guy and Rafael Cerato.

The musical journey of Psycho Weazel traces back to a serendipitous encounter at a summer camp, where the duo bonded over shared playlists, igniting a creative partnership that birthed their unique retrofuturistic sound. From their studio overlooking Lake Neuch√Ętel, they’ve crafted an impressive repertoire of dancefloor anthems, blending indie-dance, cold wave, and EBM influences.

At the heart of their new EP lies the title track, “Mains d’argile”, a hymn to disappearance that turns into medicine for damaged partygoers, as the duo describes. Opening with a transcendent intro, the track envelops listeners in a melancholic embrace before seamlessly transitioning into a pulsating rhythm guided by Curses’ haunting vocals. Layers of ethereal synths and grounded beats create a bridge between earthly desires and celestial yearning, culminating in a soul-stirring guitar solo that speaks of longing and liberation.

Accompanying “Mains d’argile” is a visually stunning music video set against the backdrop of a club and exploring themes of transformation and desire. With one member of Psycho Weazel portraying a sculptor molding the other out of clay, the video perfectly encapsulates the track’s sensual and nostalgic essence.

Psycho Weazel’s new EP Mains d’argile EP is out now on all digital streaming platforms and on 12″ vinyl, accessible via this link.

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Psycho Weazel (CH)

Featured Image by Valentin Folliet

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