Berlin-based Newcomer nomate Unveils New Video To Debut Single “Running”

The German artist’s freshly released debut single “Running” features an 80s aesthetic music video, infused with a Bowie-esque attitude.

The newcomer nomate enters the music scene with his debut single “Running,” promising a fresh sound in a world dominated by rapid change. nomate’s music reflects his own experiences and those of a generation navigating their twenties between self-discovery and adventure. The roots of his music lie somewhere between post-punk and alternative music from the 90s and early 00s. He intertwines this sonic diversity with a modern approach, combining it all with a distinctive aesthetic.

Although nomate has only been a solo artist for a year, he has already established quite an impressive stage presence within Germany. Exclusive live performances alongside renowned German musicians such as 3LNA, Easy Easy, Skuppin, or TEMMIS have quickly captivated audiences and earned him a name in the scene. nomate’s first release is imminent, marking another significant step in his musical journey.

With his debut single “Running,” he transports listeners into a world of internal conflicts, fast guitars, and melodic longing. The song, born in a sleepless night, poignantly reflects the feeling of being lost in the turbulence of one’s twenties and the constant attempt to stay ahead of time. With lyrics like “Time is running, and I’m drifting away / I feel so cold in a world immersed in grey”, nomate narrates his escape from time and the cold feeling in a gray world. He repeatedly mentally returns to a specific person who becomes an anchor in this hectic world, even if it turns into an imaginary construct by the end of the track.

The track was written in his Berlin apartment, and the collaboration with Lukas Korn in production gives the track an exceptional sonic framework, blending 80s sounds with modern elements. Fast guitars, powerful bass, and haunting synths provide the backdrop for nomate’s unique vocals, bridging past times and the present. “Running” is not only nomate’s musical debut but also a window into his personal world. The artist describes his music as “an expression of personal insecurities packaged in energetic tunes.”

The music video to “Running” is not only visually impressive but also a tribute to artistic freedom and the DIY culture. Shot in the streets of Berlin and a friend’s studio, the video completely captures nomate’s artistic and graceful aesthetic, carrying a touch of Bowie-esque attitude. The video was filmed with an old Sony VX1000, bringing pure nostalgia and old-school vibes to the visualization of the song. The visual presentation is a play of colored lights, makeup, and a lot of movement, seamlessly blending with nomate’s punk influences.

The video’s message intertwines with the lyrics of “Running,” translating the emotions and longings of the song into visual aesthetics and a narrative story. It’s not just a companion to the song but an independent art form that visually brings nomate’s artistic world to life. The entire video was created without a budget and is rather a product of collaboration with friends. Despite limited resources, the video perfectly reflects nomate’s individual artistic vision and complements his debut single. Check out the full video below!

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Nomate (DE)

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