Local Suicide & Skelesys Drop Psychedelic New Music Video To “Surface Of The Sun”

The track’s freshly released video evokes a nostalgic warmth, featuring space-age psychedelic visuals.

Renowned for their imaginative blend of new wave, EBM, acid, and dark disco, Berlin-based duo and couple Local Suicide has crafted a distinctive sound, often aptly described as “technodisco.” With a profound commitment to the music scene, their DJ career has transcended borders, igniting dancefloors across the globe.

Complementing the dynamic duo, the Argentinian producer, DJ, and live performer Skelesys, who is also based in Berlin, brings a versatile and cutting-edge approach to music creation. Rooted in rock ‘n’ roll and influenced by the realms of sci-fi and horror cinema, Skelesys weaves a unique tapestry of sounds. His live sets and electrifying DJ performances are coveted fixtures at some of Europe’s most celebrated parties.

Together, they have given life to the collaborative EP In Space We Roam earlier this year, featuring two original tracks and two remixes by renowned artists Psycho Weazel and Neu-Romancer. Released via Berlin-based record label Iptamenos Discos, the EP has garnered widespread acclaim and has received support from a plethora of internationally recognized DJs.

A standout from the EP is the track “Surface Of The Sun.” Its assertive groove, underpinned by an addictive bassline, captivates listeners from the very first note. The track now finds its perfect visual counterpart in the freshly released music video filmed by German photographer and videographer Jany Zindel and edited by Iranian artist Aida Zarifian. It has a retro warmth throughout, featuring space-age psychedelic visuals and a mesmerizing performance by the dancers Nikkatze and Ludmila Houben, who perfectly encapsulate the track’s seductive and enigmatic nature. Both are DJs hailing from Brazil, and share a close friendship with the two artists.

Local Suicide and Skelesys’ latest EP In Space We Roam is out now, available to stream and download here.

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Local Suicide (DE)

Skelesys (DE)

Featured Image by Jany Zindel

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