Listen To French Police’s Latest Release 1995

On their current EP, the Chicago-based trio provides us with a dark melodic trip down 80s memory lane.

After their original pilot project Karma Wears White Ties was abandoned, Brian and Jesse Flores created the Chicago-based band French Police. Together with Jose Vega, the trio blends English and Spanish lyrics with a dark melodic, 80s-infused post-punk sound.

Their latest release, a six-track EP entitled 1995, brings back some of the best musical elements that the 80s had to offer. Their sound is chameleonic, mimetic, androgynous, creepy, and inviting all at the same time. The result is a beautifully arranged array of tracks that allow one to drift into several different moods while listening.

While the instrumentation on most of the band’s songs is straightforward, it’s much more the refining of their craft that earned French Police that foggy-mellow-like sound. Also, there appears to be no need to follow any marketable structures like those of mainstream pop music. Paired with the group’s South-American roots which are perfectly instilled in the compositions, 1995 really turned out as a flexible, versatile, and elegant release.

Make sure to listen to 1995 below and take a chance to catch them at one of their remaining live shows of 2022. Tickets for their current tour through North America are available here.

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French Police (US)

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