Los Angeles Trio Patriarchy About To Embark On EU/UK Tour In March & April 2024

The band’s expansive 30-stop Europe Tour will also herald their much-anticipated premiere in the UK.

Patriarchy, the brainchild of the infamous LA songwriter and director Actually Huizenga, has announced the band’s upcoming EU/UK tour throughout March and April 2024. The tour will include 30 stops in major European cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen among others. Furthermore, it also marks the trio’s long-awaited debut in the UK, including stops in Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London, and Brighton.

Delving into the intricate realms of sex, power dynamics, subversion, and mortality, Patriarchy navigates the volatile intersection where desire and fear converge. Known for their unabashed live performances, Patriarchy seamlessly blends provocative visuals with a sonic landscape that traverses infectious electronic dance beats, crushing industrial metal riffs, and enveloping experimental noise.

Since their last venture in 2023, Patriarchy has unleashed Forcefully Rearranged, a dynamic compilation featuring 16 remixes that have dominated DJ sets worldwide. The compilation featured remixes of renowned artists of the industrial and darkwave scene, including The Soft Moon, Choke Chain, Automelodi, Mvtant, Odonis Odonis, Rhys Fulber, Spike Hellis, and more.

At the end of 2023, Huizenga also gave birth to her first child, Winter Aurelius. Reflecting on this transformative experience, she shared: “The motto of the last album, The Unself, was ‘I fear the things I want most…’ and childbirth proved to be the ultimate incarnation of those words. I’ve now experienced the Patriarchy’s ideal female accomplishment, and I enjoyed it, plus my breasts have doubled in size – my milk will be available at the merch table, but it won’t be cheap.”

The year 2024 heralds significant milestones for Patriarchy. Alongside the release of new music early in the year, the band also secured a coveted slot at the prestigious Cruel World Fest. Additionally, audiences can anticipate a fresh live set that promises a spellbinding concert experience. Supporting the majority of the shows is Philadelphia-based electronic synthwave project Void Vision as well as Berlin-based industrial act Spit Mask.

Tickets for Patriarchy’s EU/UK Tour are available now through the websites of the given venues.

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