Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense to Be Re-Released in Theaters for 40th Anniversary

The return of one of the most groundbreaking concert films ever.

In 1984, the world was introduced to one of the most groundbreaking concert films ever made, Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense. Directed by Jonathan Demme, the film perfectly captured the energy and creativity of the band’s live performances. And now, in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary, Stop Making Sense is set to be re-released in theaters, giving fans the chance to experience the magic once again.

Stop Making Sense was originally released in theaters in 1984, and was later released on VHS and DVD, becoming a cult classic over the years. Shot over the course of three nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in December 1983, the film features some of the band’s most iconic songs, including “Psycho Killer,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and “Burning Down the House”.

And of course, one cannot talk about Stop Making Sense without mentioning David Byrne’s signature eccentric stage presence and unique choreography. But what sets Stop Making Sense apart from other concert films is its innovative approach to filming live music. Demme and his team used multiple cameras and angles, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience that perfectly complemented the music.

For the new trailer to the movie, Byrne participated in a clever promotional video that pays homage to one of the most iconic elements of the film: his oversized suit. In the video, Byrne is seen visiting a neighborhood dry cleaner to pick up the suit, which has been carefully preserved since the film’s original production. After getting the suit back, Byrne hops on a bicycle and makes his way home, where he attempts to recapture his signature dance moves from the song “This Must Be The Place”.

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