Top 5 Reissues In 2023

A roundup of classic 80s records, which we’re excited to see get a fresh look in 2023.

This year is in no shortage of exciting reissues. These classic albums have been updated and come with everything from limited edition coloured vinyl to deluxe box sets and photo albums. Either way, this list is a rundown of the best examples of what made the 80s such an exciting decade – and how its spirit is still going strong.

1. New Order – Low Life

Now available for pre-order, this deluxe edition is an absolute goldmine for New Order fans. This definitive edition contains the LP on both CD and vinyl. A DVD also contains rare Dutch and Japanese concert performances and the package is wrapped up with an accompanying hardback photo collection. This is a real physical, analogue deep dive into New Order and their Factory Records background, featuring the original album sleeve as well which hasn’t been seen since its first release.

Including “Love Vigilantes”, “The Perfect Kiss”, “Subculture”, and “Shellshock”, the never heard before material also features rarities such as writing session recordings and new artworks. This is a truly exciting reissue which captures the band at a crucial juncture in their career and brings it to life for fans both original and new.

This reissue of Low Life is out now and can be purchased here.

2. The Specials – Ghost Town

One of the most exciting reissues of the year comes from ska pioneers The Specials. This limited edition vinyl reissue features not just “Ghost Town”, the single which brought the dereliction of the industrial midlands to the UK charts, but never heard before studio demos plus favourites “A Message to You Rudy” and “Gangsters”.

Ghost Town is a reminder that even in the darkest times, music can be the message which liberates peoples’ thoughts and feelings. The album is a fitting tribute to a band who managed to in some ways become the figureheads of UK ska punk and perfect the balance between the distinct elements of its musical ancestors. On limited edition black and white splatter vinyl, this is a rare and valuable item which will undoubtedly bring new life to any album collection.

This reissue of Ghost Town is out now and can be purchased here.

3. Love And Rockets – Express

After forming from the ashes of the gloomy gothic act Bauhaus, Love And Rockets stood out with their more upbeat, straightforward fusion of pop and rock. By the time of their sophomore album, Express, they had fully defined a sound separate from their earlier incarnations.

Now, this 2023 reissue brings back this classic album, from “Kundalini Express” to somber acoustic “All in My Mind”, celebrating how Love And Rockets created one of the earliest iterations of what could be called “alt-rock”, paving the way for future bands. Released originally on the British independent label Beggars Banquet, this is a must-have from a highly underrated group.

This reissue of Express is out now and can be purchased here.

4. The B52s – Whammy!

This 40th anniversary edition of Whammy! features limited edition vinyl with an eye-catching clear and green splatter pattern, and includes “Whammy Kiss”, “Butterbeam”, and “Legal Tender”. Missing is the cover of Yoko Ono’s “Don’t Worry” which the album was originally released with, but this reissue otherwise brings you a new package for the sounds which summed up the decade’s approach to pop with the B52’s trademark upbeat sonic experimentation.

Whammy’s place in New Wave history is particularly notable when considering it was the last album before Ricky Wilson’s sad and premature death; its notable focus on including synthesisers plus multiple vocalists also made it stand out from the group’s other work. Recorded in the Bahamas, this limited edition is a great way to sum up what drew fans to the B52s in their heyday and continues to do so.

This reissue of Whammy! is out now and can be purchased here.

5. Falco – Einzelhaft

Translated as “solitary confinement” in German, the title of this 1982 album is a stark juxtaposition to the upbeat, vaguely funk-influenced synth rhythms of its titular track. Einzelhaft also stood out for its biggest breakthrough success “Der Kommissar”, in which Johann Hölzl used his native language in slick, rapped verses.

Though several major markets such as the UK were omitted from its initial release, this reissue is available to be shipped worldwide as a 3 LP coloured vinyl boxset as well as on cassette, making it a truly rare reissue fully embracing retro technology which immortalised the original new ave scene.

This reissue of Einzelhaft is out now and can be purchased here.

To round up, this is a truly fantastic year already for reissues and limited editions. It would be impossible to truly create a definitive list but we hope that these will provide a snapshot of some of the most meaningful releases throughout the decade which we’re excited to see get a fresh look in 2023.

Featured Image by Furio Magazine

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