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Dark electropop duo Summore, formed by Julie and Justin Rose, has recently released their second full-length LP New Pain. Led by the single “Dust”, New Pain is an exploration of the human condition that takes in gritty synths and smooth vocals to create a sound that is both icy and emotional. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, the duo has been making music since their involvement in a near-death experience when a drunk driver crashed into their parked car. New Pain is part of their greater aim to fully explore the human condition in both its dark and light aspects. It offers a breathtakingly broad variety of sounds from the warped synths and FX heavy vocals of the single “New Pain” to the soft and haunting harmonies of songs like “Recall”. 

The LP spans fifteen tracks that explore the incident that happened to them in 2022 from all aspects – victim, perpetrator, before, after, and in the midst. The unearthly sounds that Julie and Justin create take the listener to places within the human psyche that one would not usually explore. At the same time, the duo manages to maintain a network of notes that balances the darkness with momentum, melody, and catharsis. 

The album was released alongside a limited edition transparent purple vinyl featuring the band’s distinctive cracked mirror artwork, calling out to the moment that spurred them to create the album. New Pain is now their exploration in the aftermath and it makes for a haunting listening experience that opens these difficult topics to those who may have not personally experienced them. 

The singles, “Dust”, “New Pain”, and “Recall”, showcase Julie Rose’s ability to carry a moody melody through its ups and downs while tracks like “Magic Pill” create atmosphere and tension with pulsing synth lines. “Chains” on the other hand hooks the listener with a quiet yet captivating drumbeat and pain-filled, barely audible vocals. Ultimately, the album represents a deep dive into the most intimate emotions beyond love and explores the flipside of the coin that is the human feeling.

New Pain is out now both on vinyl and for digital download. In cooperation with Summore, we are giving away a limited edition transparent purple vinyl as seen below, among those who join our giveaway. In order to participate, simply follow the link here.

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