Dancing Plague Beckons Listeners Into The Depths Of The Underground With New Single “Fading Forms”

The track represents the first single from Dancing Plague’s upcoming album Elogium, out on March 22, 2024.

Portland-based cold electronics maestro, Dancing Plague, is set to mesmerize listeners with his upcoming album, Elogium, slated for release on March 22, 2024. The album’s first single, “Fading Forms,” serves as an evocative prelude to what promises to be a captivating auditory journey.

“Fading Forms” delves into the contemplative theme of time slipping away. The emotive baritone crooning skillfully paints a poignant picture of temporal passage, an experience of feeling oneself gradually fading into the inexorable march of time. Against a backdrop of pulsating 80s synths and compelling drum machine rhythms, the lyrics cascade like snowflakes onto cold fields, invoking a sense of nostalgia that remains simultaneously fresh and relevant.

Founded in 2016 by Conor Knowles, Dancing Plague has carved a niche in the dark and cold electronic music scene. Over the years, the act has become a stalwart presence, etching its mark with a distinctive fusion of EBM, goth, industrial, and synth genres. Elogium stands as the fifth testament to his artistic evolution, wherein Knowles continues to refine and elevate his unique brand of crushing darkwave.

The album thematically explores realms of loss, regret, rebirth, and growth, all seamlessly woven into the fabric of throbbing basslines, rave synths, and resounding drums. Knowles expertly balances aggressive electronic waves with pop sensibilities, crafting hooks that are both inviting and captivating, even for those new to the genre. “Fading Forms” is a prime example of Knowles’ prowess, encapsulating the somber essence of fleeting time within its sonic embrace.

For enthusiasts of iconic acts such as Depeche Mode, Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, as well as contemporary torchbearers like Cold Cave and Kontravoid, Elogium is a sonic pilgrimage not to be missed.

Dancing Plague’s Elogium is set to be released on March 22, 2024 via Avant! Records.

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