The KVB Unveils New Single “Labyrinths” & Announces Upcoming Album Tremors

The British duo’s new single is accompanied by a visually arresting music video full of CRT screens and analogue glitch textures.

After the atmospheric success of their 2021 release Unity, The KVB is making waves again with their latest announcement of the upcoming album Tremors, set to be released on April 5, 2024, through Invada Records. The British shoegaze duo, consisting of Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, now introduced the album with the powerful single “Labyrinths”, accompanied by a visually arresting video.

Inspired by the literary works of Jorge Luis Borges, “Labyrinths” stands out as the most aggressive track on the album, harking back to the band’s early releases. The lyrics delve into the nuances of historical subjectivity, exploring the flexibility of truth and the construction of narratives. The accompanying video is a visceral assault of digitized nature, CRT screens, and analogue glitch textures, perfectly mirroring the song’s aggression and complementing the album’s artwork.

Recorded in both Manchester and Bristol, Tremors was produced by James Trevascus (known for his work with Billy Nomates and RVG). The album builds upon the thematic foundations laid in their previous works, exploring dystopia, apocalypse, and the human condition with a more pessimistic outlook and deeper distrust. Additionally, it touches on themes of loss, resistance, lament, and the acceptance of inevitable change.

“Labyrinths” showcases The KVB’s evolution with its imposing and aggressive production, marking a refined and stylized pace in their musical journey. The album promises to be their most complete work yet, full of emotional impact and pop hooks.

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The KVB (UK)

Featured Image by George Katsanakis

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