Barcelona Trance-Pop Duo SDH Premiere Video To Latest Single “Hectic”

“Hectic” is the second single of the band’s forthcoming album Fake Is Real, out 30 June 2023 via Avant! Records.

SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms), the project spearheaded by Barcelona’s post-punk and synth-industrial luminaries Andrea P. Latorre and Sergi Algiz, has been making waves in the alternative music scene with their unique blend of electronic beats and emotional vocals. With an upcoming album release and a captivating video to accompany their second single, SDH continues to push boundaries and challenge genre conventions.

At the core of SDH’s project lies an exploration of fiction and the language of feigned personalities. They question the nature of fiction itself, the fluidity of identity, and the physicality of individual experiences. This thematic approach infuses their music and visual aesthetics, creating a multi-dimensional experience for their audience.

SDH’s duality is not only conceptual but also present in the composition of their band and the music they create. Sergi Algiz, the electronic mastermind, employs a wide range of beats, drawing inspiration from techno, EBM, and synthpop. On the other hand, Andrea P. Latorre’s emotive and romantic vocals provide a counterbalance to the pulsating rhythms, evoking an atmospheric and introspective ambiance. This harmonious interplay creates a captivating sonic landscape that captures the essence of SDH.

In their pursuit of artistic excellence, SDH has collaborated with several video artists who share their creative vision. By partnering with talents such as Duelo, Pilar Gost, and Pol Barrós, SDH enhances their music with visually stunning and thought-provoking videos. These collaborations serve to deepen the immersive experience for the audience, offering a captivating fusion of sight and sound.

SDH’s highly anticipated sophomore album, titled Fake Is Real, is scheduled for release on June 30 via Avant! Records. Building on the success of their previous releases, which include a full-length album, a mini-album, and a maxi single featuring remixes by notable DJs and producers, SDH is poised to captivate listeners once again. Fake Is Real promises to take the audience on a journey through familiar yet unpredictable nightclubs, inviting them to explore the realms of alternative electronic music.

Leading up to the album release, SDH’s second single “Hectic” exemplifies the duo’s ability to seamlessly blend genres from different eras. Drawing inspiration from 90s progressive trance and big beat electronica, reminiscent of acts like Faithless, “Hectic” fuses it with SDH’s distinctive 80s synth-pop and EBM background. The result is a dynamic and infectious composition that showcases the duo’s versatility and musical prowess.

SDH’s new video premiere, crafted by the Valencia-based video makers Duelo, is poised to be a visual feast that complements the intriguing blend of genres and thought-provoking themes presented by the band. With their sophomore album on the horizon, SDH continues to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and carve their unique path in the music landscape. As they explore the language of fiction, duality, and artistic collaborations, SDH invites listeners to immerse themselves in an extraordinary musical journey where the lines between reality and imagination blur.

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Featured Image by Patricia Fort

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