Crush Of Souls Premieres Rough & Tough Music Video To New Single “Youth In Smoke”

Ahead of his upcoming album (A)Void Love, Charles Rowell presents the record’s third and final single.

Rowell’s latest release, “Youth In Smoke”, is a perfect blend of synth-pop with goth-rock aesthetics and comes with a rough and tough music video. Known for his work with bands like Crocodiles, ISSUE, and Flowers of Evil, Charles Rowell, has embarked on an exciting new musical venture back in 2020 when he moved from New York to Paris. Under the name Crush Of Souls, he takes his artistic exploration to new depths of darkness ever since.

As an artist, he masterfully channels the spirit of Stiv Bators from The Lords Of The New Church era, blending it seamlessly with the experimental tendencies of Martin Rev’s minimal electronics. Within this unique soundscape, acoustic guitars and dramatic synths form a cold wilderness where various rhythms take residence. Elements of minimal electronics, cold wave, and synth-pop are intertwined with classic songwriting reminiscent of Echo & the Bunnymen and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Filmed over six intense days amidst the ancient walls of a Catalan fortress, the official video to “Youth In Smoke” presents a visual journey reminiscent of “The Holy Mountain” intertwined with chilling separatist undertones. As a man isolates himself from the world, tourists flock to the beaches, much like ants devouring his crumbling castle. In the end, the video perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song and its underlying message.

Crush Of Souls’ upcoming album (A)Void Love will be released via Avant! Records on September 29, 2023, and can be pre-ordered here.

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Crush Of Souls (FR)

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