Swedish Darkwave Artist Aux Animaux Releases Video & New Single “Night”

“Night” is the second single from Aux Animaux’s upcoming album Body Horror and offers a captivating darkwave ode to vampire lore.

Today, Swedish darkwave artist Aux Animaux released her new single “Night” and its accompanying music video. Produced by Aux Animaux herself, the mix and mastering was done by non other than Doruk Öztürkcan from She Past Away with whom she’s been touring in spring this year. The song was inspired by vampire movies and opens with a sampling of “Bela Lugosi” from the classic Dracula. It carries Aux Animaux’s iconic sounds such as the characteristic bass synths and dark, haunting vocals.

The face behind Aux Animaux is Gözde Düzer, who was born and raised in Istanbul and now lives in Stockholm. Her songs draw inspiration from 80s darkwave and goth bands, as well as occultism and horror movies. She is a self-taught musician that worked as a professional bass guitarist for several years up until moving to Sweden almost 14 years ago. On stage, she sings and alternates between the bass guitar and the theremin. The latter, which she considers to be her source of sorcery, is the only instrument that is played without actually touching.

Aux Animaux released her first songs in 2017 and has been touring both in Sweden and the rest of Europe, opening for artists, such as She Past Away, Hante, Then Comes Silence among others. Her debut EP Black Holes had more politically loaded songs that were about animal rights, feminism, criticising the society, whereas the sophomore EP Stockholm Synthrome combined this approach with a more personal one, among others narrating her decade-long struggle with misophonia.

In the Fall of 2021, she released the single ”Haunted” that she co-produced with the Swedish darkwave band Abu Nein, before releasing the EP The Hydesville Episode, which is more experimental than her previous work. In December 2022, Aux Animaux released Hauntology consisting of four original songs and four remixes made by Tobias Bernstrup, Priest, Majestoluxe, and herself. In April 2023, she eventually released her single “Lost Souls” which was dedicated to all animals living in captivity.

Aux Animaux’s current single “Night” is out now with the music video to be watched below.

Watch Now

Aux Animaux (SE)

Featured Image by Aux Animaux

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