This Cold Night Releases Two New Songs In The Wake Of Upcoming Album

With “Pick Up A Phone” and “Circuits – R.23 Version”, US-musician Chase Morledge delivers a fortaste to his new album Retrospective XXIII.

Want to hear what would happen if Andrew Eldritch of Sisters Of Mercy had access to the most cutting sounds of the 21st century back in the band’s early days? Ultra underground act This Cold Night is best summed up by a catchphrase on Bandcamp – “I don’t exist on social media and neither should you” – yet carries music that packs a punch. Now, two new releases have dropped in the wake of an upcoming album, and they deliver everything this attitude promises and more. 

The first one, “Pick Up A Phone”, is an extremely groove-based track with minimalist high synths underlaid with a winding, pulsing bassline. It carries a fantastic, frenzied energy representative of how it was written. Self-described as penned after a torturous solo tour, this track and its companion “Circuits – R.23 Version” are off the soon-to-arrive album which will be entitled Retrospective XXIII.

Described as a week-long panic attack, the tour gave birth to the album. It will be divided into two sections of multiple different tracks. Six of them are reinterpretations of previous tracks that were reworked for the tour, which took place around the Seattle and Washington area. Included in these are previous bangers like “Black Cathedral” or “Eighties Goth Suicide Note” as well as before mentioned “Circuits – R.23 Version” which in this version has a synth-based yet vaguely rock-inspired riff. 

Four tracks, meanwhile, are newly penned. Apart from “Pick Up A Phone” the new tracks include “Soundcheck”, “No Way Jose!” and “Dire Glacier”. This happened specifically after the tour so they promise a definite immersion in its energy if you missed it. This is a great way to bring a very small but vivid place of the underground darkwave scene to your record collection. 

The album will be released digitally but also on DVD, where This Cold Night has taken authenticity to the early days of post-punk to the full with a VHS camcorder recorded live footage taken straight from the show, as well as DIY projector visuals, giving an ultra gritty, self-made air. The DVD is part of a limited edition set of 220 that comes with extra demo tracks, vinyl stickers, a digital download card, and a personalized note. Availability starts around July/August, with the exact release date to be confirmed. 

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