Turkish Dark Wave Duo Zack Zack Zack Presents First Track Of Album 2

With their newly released song “EV” they follow their signature 80s sound and make it the perfect blend of past meeting present.

Following the release of their debut record Album 1 back in February 2021, the Turkish dark wave duo Zack Zack Zack has just presented the first track of their upcoming record. And whoever listened to the songs of their first album or has seen their exceptionally fitting music videos, knows that these young lads are already writing their own new chapter in the annals of dark wave history.

Consisting of Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas, Zack Zack Zack are originally from Izmir, Turkey, and currently living in Vienna, Austria. Their sound is inspired by modern dark wave bands like She Past Away as much as by the signature 80s vibes of Depeche Mode or The Sisters Of Mercy. Though much of their sound might find its roots among the giants of Europe’s past goth scene, their ability to spice their music up with much more traditional and timeless sounds of their homeland is the real charm here.

Featuring an echoing drum progression that is bathed in reverb, their newly presented track “EV” is synth driven and scintillating right from the start. The Turkish vocals fit perfectly to the dynamically adventurous and dark aesthetics of the track. To that comes the coiling, spiralling sound of razor-wire guitars, that somehow manage to walk the fine line between rock and dance. It feels accessible, pop-aware, understated and yet dancefloor-friendly. But listen for yourself.

Zack Zack Zack (AT)

Featured Image by Hana Navratilova

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