Whispering Sons Debut Captivating Video To New Single “The Talker”

Ahead of releasing their third album, the Belgian five-piece act surprises listeners with an intriguing evolution of their sound.

Belgium’s five-piece ensemble Whispering Sons delivers a unique and haunting fusion of experimental and frenetic post-punk since 2016. Their signature, propulsive instrumentation, complemented by the deep vocal delivery of Fenne Kuppens, creates an unceasing sense of disquiet, a defining characteristic that has permeated their music from its inception. In recent years, they’ve methodically pushed their creative boundaries, venturing beyond their own established limits.

While their debut album, Image (2018), exhibited theatrical grandeur, their subsequent release, Several Others (2021), honed in on their paramount strength: unadulterated intensity. Following the release of Several Others, the band embarked on a two-year journey crafting a new album. This forthcoming third full-length offering may surprise long-time Whispering Sons enthusiasts. Anticipated for an early 2024 release, the band is eager to showcase their evolution and perform their fresh compositions live.

In a departure from their typical repertoire, the first single off the new record “The Talker” emerges as a whimsical and playful composition, delving into a mischievous instrumental interplay while carrying a direct, cynical undertone. At its core, the phrase “You’ve never been much of a talker” embodies the zenith of exasperation directed at those who presume to assert dominance.

The track underwent extensive debate, uncertain of its place within the band’s catalog, before eventually earning a spot on the album. It has now become an indispensable element of their narrative, serving as the album’s lead single – a gateway into the more candid and audacious side of Whispering Sons.

The accompanying music video, directed by Heleen Declercq, perfectly complements the song’s essence. It exudes a playful and high-energy vibe with a hint of absurdity, serving as the pivotal middle chapter in a short film experience. It serves as a pivotal segment within a three-part short film titled Balm (After Violence). The entire film is set to make its premiere at the prestigious Film Fest Ghent, featuring a special screening accompanied by a live performance.

As part of their upcoming schedule, the band is gearing up for a series of exclusive intimate club performances in autumn, followed by an extensive European tour slated for spring 2024. All tour dates can be found here.

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